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In business, you'll often have to put in considerable effort to make things happen. Like you, the law firm Dubois Cooksey and Bischoff will work tirelessly

to come up with a solution to your business' legal needs. After over 40 years, we're still dedicated to offering the highest-quality legal guidance to the Albuquerque, NM area.


To schedule your appointment with one of our business law attorneys,

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Legal advice that's huge for your small business

You've invested every dollar you have in your small business and you want it

to become successful, no matter what. Protect your assets and limit your liabilities with guidance from our friendly, knowledgeable business law attorneys.

Create binding business agreements

Dubois Cooksey and Bischoff specializes in helping you with the formation of your business venture. When you're entering into an operating agreement, have your side represented by our dedicated team of lawyers. Whether you're incorporating, forming an LLC, or making a partnership of any kind, contact Dubois Cooksey and Bischoff to make sure your business agreements remain in force.

Dependable counsel in all your business matters

As a business owner, you have to be sure your practices follow the letter of the law. One step outside legal boundaries could have you in deep trouble. Avoid operating losses, wasted resources, and even jail time with the legal representation your business deserves. To speak with a qualified business law attorney, call us at 505-243-6721 today.

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Call 505-243-6721 for your appointment with one of our business law attorneys.