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Do you have the time or the inclination to fill out piles of paperwork and to sit

in court all day for a fifteen-minute hearing? We didn't think you did! That's

why the experienced law firm of Dubois Cooksey and Bischoff offers you professional probate and estate administration services that ensure a smoother process when executing your final wishes.


To schedule your initial consultation, give us a call at 505-243-6721.

Prove a will in a court of law with professional probate

Contact us today to discuss your family's probate needs. If you have been designated as the executor of a loved one's will and you require proper guidance, our law firm can assist you with more than 40 years of experience to support our actions.

Compassionate legal advice for your difficult times

Don't become overwhelmed with legal matters after the loss of a loved one.

Let us handle the courts so you can be there for others. We help families and individuals in Bernalillo, Sandoval, and Valencia Counties and we will help you

too. Expect a prompt, professional response any time you try to reach us.

Get the guidance you need in matters of estate probate and administration when you need it most from the caring law firm of Dubois Cooksey and Bischoff.

Your locally owned and operated probate team

After more than 40 years, our attorneys are as passionate as ever about assisting the local communities around Albuquerque, NM with their probate paperwork and courtroom appearances. We feel that you have enough to worry about and that you shouldn't have to add to that list the filing of your loved one's will or trust.


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can trust!

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